Not A Lemon

November 14, 2023 – So… Christmas is coming, and we’ve been really, REALLY good this year. Could someone please make sure this rather insanely amazing Rolex is in our Christmas stocking? Thanks very much.
What is it you ask? Well, not to be confused with the ‘more common’ champagne dial Paul Newman Daytonas, which are, let’s be honest, not very bloody common at all to us normal people, it is in fact *swoon, a ‘lemon’ dial Paul Newman Daytona. We’ve been staring at it online for hours today, in fact we’re pretty sure it’s going to get a restraining order out on us soon.
If you’ve got the best part of a million dollars to spare and fancy your luck, it’s coming up for grabs at the Phillips’ New York Watch Auction: Nine on Dec 9th.