The Midas Touch

May 11, 2023 – One of the reasons we started our business, was to try and bring nice watches into the hands of people that either don’t want, or simply can’t afford to pay the insane grey market prices for new Rolex watches.

One of our favourite new releases by Rolex this year was the stunning GMT-Master II in Rolesor and Gold. The clever people over at Watch Analytics have spotted the first of these GMT models to hit the grey market, and the insane mark up on the retail price. The two-tone GMT’s retail price is €16,550, with the first offer price on the grey market being €35,500, that’s a difference of 114.5%!

The pure gold GMT (our favourite, bling bling!!) has a retail price of €39,200 and has hit the grey market with a first suggested price of….deep breath…..€67,800….that’s a whopping 72.95% difference.

We have never managed to buy a single Rolex from an AD, if we did it would be coming straight here for one of you to win. We don’t enjoy the stupid prices any more than you guys, and one of the main reasons we started this business was to transfer some of these watches to you, without the crazy price tag!