All that glitters?

March 7, 2023 – The Swatch Omega collab of 2022 that took the watch world by storm is back today with a new twist! The Mission to the Moon edition is getting a rather cool sibling, with the seconds hand now being made from Omega’s Moonshine™ Gold. It seems that the…um…seconds hand itself was produced exclusively during the full moon in February 😮 (very important we’re sure!) and has a certificate to prove it. This is super useful if anyone challenges you on the date that the seconds hand on your watch was produced in…happens to us all the time. The bad news is that although launched today, it can only be bought today at special stores in Zurich, London, Milan or Tokyo🤨. The good news is (checks notes) it will be available at other locations (checks notes again) during the next full moon🤣.